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The Count of Monte Cristo


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Barbara's Questions:
1. Why did Dantes feel that he needed a father-like figure while in prison?
2. What was Villefort's motive in placing Dantes in the Chateau D'If?
3. Who was the famous conspirator that Dumas often refers to throughout the novel?
4. How does Dantes figure out that he had been framed?
5. Although he is a wealthy man, Mondego is jealous of Dantes. Why?
Melia's Questions:
1. Why are some words or phrases translated in English and some are left in French?
2. Did Charles Dickens and Alexandre Dumas have any influence on each other?
3. How did being the son of one of Napolean's generals affect his view on France?
4.  What social changes did Dumas go through from an uneducated boy to playwright and novelist?
5.  Did the French in the 18th century like Dickens or Dumas's stories better?
Priscilla's Questions:
1. Because the story begins in beautiful Marseilles, what kind of setting is already established from the first chapter?
2. While Dantes and Abbe Faria are imprisoned in the Chateau D'If, they begin to talk daily about the Isle of Monte Cristo. What does the isle symbolize and what is its significance?
3. Why is it ironic that Albert de Morcerf befriends the Count of Monte Cristo before the Count meets Albert's parents?
4. How did Valentine and her grandfather communicate?
5. At almost the end of the book, Morrel asks the Count of Monte Cristo what it is like to die. What does the Count mean when he says, " Yes, it is undoubtly painful when you violently break this mortal coil that obstinately demands to live. According as we have lived, death is either a friend who rocks us as gently as a nurse, or an enemy who violently tears the soul from the body."?