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The Count of Monte Cristo

Character Analysis

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"Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody."
-Mark Twain

Edmond Dantes:
Richard S. Stowe describes Edmond Dantes as "a young man of promise transformed by his experience into a Promethean superman." This statement holds much truth to it. Edmond Dantes begins the novel as a sweet, innocent, and hard-working sailor. Everything is going right for him: he is soon to marry the love of his life, Mercedes; and he has been promoted to the captain of the Pharaon. (Brackett). All of this changes when his conspirators (Danglars, Mondego, and Villefort) plot against him. This leads to Dantes becoming wrongfullly imprisoned in the Chateau D'If for fourteen years. During that time, he meets the priest Abbe Faria. Abbe acts as a father-figure and teaches Dantes many lessons to use in his life after prison. (Novelguide). He also helps Dantes discover how and why his conspirators were able to put him in the Chateau D'If. After Dantes escapes from prison, he takes on the identity of the rich, powerful, and stern Count of Monte Cristo. He uses this identity to seek revenge on all of his conspirators. (Brackett).
Mercedes is a kind and beautiful young woman who is engaged to Dantes. After Dantes was taken away, she betrays him and marries Mondego. Her marriage is miserable and she never stopped loving Dantes. (Brackett).
Abbe Faria:
Abbe is a priest that Dantes meets in the Chateau D'If. He teaches Dantes history, science, art, and languages in prison. (Jacquemelle). Abbe and Dantes grow close and are grateful for the companionship. When he is dying, Abbe tells Dantes where the fortune of Monte Cristo is; something that greatly helps Dantes with his new identity. (Thomson Gale).
Mondego is an antagonist and is close "friends" with Dantes, although he is envious of him because he secretly loves Mercedes as well. (Brackett 230). He too betrays Dantes by marrying Mercedes after Dantes has been taken away. Mondego becomes very rich and powerful, and cares less about Mercedes.
Danglars is an antagonist in the story. He is also a greedy man that is driven by money, and cares only about himself. He works with Mondego to imprison Dantes because he wishes to be ship captain. (Brackett).
Villefort is the third conspirator and an antagonist. He is a public prosecutor, and is responsible for putting Dantes in the Chateau D'If. At first he believes Dantes is innocent, but then sees that putting him away in the Chateau D'If would benefit himself and his family. (Thomson Gale).